Sōlhaus wellness events keep you happy, healthy, and stress-free.

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Our Core Values

We're passionate about promoting happiness through interaction.


Bonding over common interests creates passion and new opportunities.


Creating brings accomplishment, purpose, and helps build momentum.


Bringing people together helps them break old habits and form healthy new behaviors.

How SōlHaus Works

Create a Wellness Event

Pick from activities like yoga and meditation that boost creativity, mindfulness, and health.

Invite Your Community

Bring your students, employees, or team to decompress and de-stress.


Have fun, build stronger connections, and leave happy.

What People Are Saying:

Nalini Goolsarran | Sol Haus Reviews Stamford

Nalini Goolsarran

Founder | EdgeSpace Marketing

“Mental health awareness is an incredibly important discussion that needs to happen more openly. SōlHaus is a unique experience that facilitates this by celebrating wellness with the local arts. It is inspiring to learn new wellness techniques and hear from local artists.”

Kelly | SolHaus Reviews Stamford CT

Kelly Pierre-Louis

Principal | Neelleven Group

“This event was amazing and it was a perfect way to end a busy, stressful day. Can’t beat meeting awesome people, a cool atmosphere and zen vibes. I highly recommend!”

Nick | Sol Haus Reviews Stamford CT

Nick Johnson

CTO | Intake

“Solhaus’ Breathe wellness event was a pleasant cap to a pretty grueling day. It hit all the right notes; the sound meditation was relaxing, the artist interview was inspiring, and the pizza was on point. I left feeling relaxed, present, and upbeat.”

Dyonna Stamford CT | Sol Haus Review

Dyonna Potter

Product Manager | RAISE THE BAR

“I had such a great time at Solhaus’s first event!  The vibe was dope and allowed for a safe and comfy environment to promote well-being and artistry.  Looking forward to growth and expansion, and hope you can bring the experience to Brooklyn some day soon!”

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