Engaging Events that help your community chill out

At SōlHaus, we believe in helping people find new avenues to get rid of their stress and anxiety. Our events feature mindfulness, artist showcases and interviews with community partners.

What can you expect at a
SōlHaus Event?


The most important tool in the low-stress toolbox is meditation. At SolHaus, we practice it daily and love to help others unlock their potential by doing the same.

As part of your partnership with SolHaus, we'll have one of our gurus walk your community through the in a calming 15 minute exercise (which is a lot to start!).

Once we 're finished we wrap up with some tips on mindfulness and you finish up your day happy and relaxed.


A major part of stress is tension. The more we sit, stress, and tighten, the more we need to stretch out and decompress.

As part of our events, we offer 15 minute to hour-long yoga classes specially tailored to undo harmful effects of the lifestyles of young adults.

By the end, we promise your community will end the day feeling happier, healthier, and more empowered.

Live Success Q&A's

What better way to learn how to overcome stress, depression, and anxiety than to hear from people who have overcome and thrived.

To help teach the tools and routines of health and wellness, we bring in influencers, business owners, and successful people to share how they better themselves.

Music & Art

We all feel better being part of something bigger than ourselves. At SolHaus, we focus on culture through things like art and music to bring people together.

During our warm-up sessions, we'll feature new content and artists, introduce techniques to utilize them for wellness, and create our own content .


Try building a house without wood or a team without people. To be your best self you need to be using the right tools. As part of our seminars, we provide healthful meals with handpicked ingredients to leave you nourished, focused, and energized.

Enjoy a delicious buffet-style catered meal that will make you feel good.

Want to bring wellness events to your business?