Sōlhaus For Employee Resource Groups

Healthy employees lead to a thriving business. We provide engaging events that boost mood, focus, and productivity.

"Good health IS good business."

- Paul Drechsler, Chairman/CEO | Wates Group Limited

We Bring Wellness To You

We Teach Techniques That Top Companies use to grow & thrive


Employees who practice mindfulness are 22% more productive


Forbes, GE, Apple, Google, GM, and Nike use yoga to decrease fatigue

Live Music

88% of employees produce more accurate work when listening to music


Employees who eat healthy are 25% more likely to have higher job performance


Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce use interviews to inspire their workforce.

Event Package

Boost your employees to boost your business.


Our full-hour live virtual package is designed to give your employees a complete holistic experience, helping them to feel more energetic, inspired, and fulfilledChoose one Mindfulness option and one Sōl option below:

Pick a Form of Mindfulness:

○  15 Minutes of Meditation or 30 Minutes of Yoga by a Licensed Professional

Pick a form of Sōl:

○  45 Minute Participatory Class (cultural dancing or healthy cultural cooking)      or 30 Minutes of Entertainment (music or comedy) 

For up to 100 attendees
Your investment: $2500

Looking for something more specific?

We believe in dynamic programming, giving your Employee Resource Group a first class experience from start to finish. We're more than happy to tailor our programs to create the perfect experience for your business.

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